A website is the set of electronic files and web pages referring to a particular topic, which includes a welcome home page, usually called home page, with a specific domain name and Internet address. A website is a large organized documentary space that most of the time is typically dedicated to a particular topic or specific purpose. Any website may contain hyperlinks to any other website, so that the distinction between individual sites, perceived by the user, can sometimes be blurred. We should not confuse website with webpage; webpage is just an HTML file, an HTML unit, which is part of a website. When entering a web address, such as, you are always referring to a website, which has an initial HTML page, which is usually the first one displayed. The Internet search is performed by associating the DNS entered with the IP address of the server that contains the website on which the HTML page is searched.

A dynamic website is one that can have frequent changes in information. When the web server receives a request for a particular page of a website, the page is automatically generated by the software, as a direct response to the request of the page; Therefore, a wide range of possibilities can be given, including for example: (a) Show the current state of a dialogue between users, (b) Monitor a changing situation, or provide personalized information in some way to the user’s requirements individual, etc.